Appearing during the first half was a super six-piece ensemble known as the Acoustics. On many tunes the instrumental interplay between accordion, violin and Enzo's solo guitar was marvelous. And the beautiful overlap of melody and harmony that resulted was a unique sound that I've never heard from any other group that I've encountered.
Glen Silverthorn, Brantford Expositor (May 07, 2014)
Talented local band The Acoustics have made a giant leap forward with Erie Long, their latest CD. Known as a top-notch instrumental group with a world-music sound, they’ve challenged themselves to explore new territory. By far, the biggest change has to be the addition of vocals on 8 of the 14 tracks. Guitarist Enzo Spoto's step up to the mic proves he possesses an incredible voice and some major songwriting skills. There’s also new elements of folk, rock, pop and more added to the proceedings. Don’t worry, the Mediterranean-style music you know and love is still here, especially on the instrumental tracks. The high-energy, danceable, party vibe still lingers too.
Hamilton Blues Lovers
Hey Al, after listening for a couple of weeks I really think Erie Long is your "pièce de résistance"
so far. If I had to put a label on it, I'd say it measures up to the very best work of The Levellers
(probably because of Enzo's voice). Big hug for all!
Robert F. Laarman

Where have you been all my life? "Erie Long" is dynamite (and I want "Heartburn a-go-go" to be my theme song), seriously, it is so rare to buy an album & dig every track. "Erie Long" is so good I just want to smash you all in the face!
Dishcrawl Hamilton

"Erie Long"... On this, their third album, they successfully introduce vocal tracks alongside fine original instrumentals, adding a more contemporary folk and rock touch. Multiple winners at the Hamilton Music Awards, they merit wider exposure.
Kerry Doole – Journalist, New Canadian Music
"Forever and a Day"...The disc is a polished showcase for the group's cosmopolitan, Mediterranean sound. It's anchored by Spoto's lively, lilting and sometimes poignant melodies and accented by soaring and saucy bow work by violinist Etelka Nyilasi.”
Elizabeth Yates - Entertainment Reporter, The Brantford Expositor
 “In Forever and a Day, The Acoustics take you somewhere else -- the Mediterranean, an outdoor cafe, an old town square, the sound track of a European movie. The Hamilton band, together since the late '90s, rubs circles onto the glass of its distinctive instrumental sound, continuing to perfect it and give it clarity. You can hear different flavours -- Gypsy Kings and world/roots -- but the dynamic of the players, especially Alfonso Spoto on accordion, Etelka Nyilasi on violin and Enzo Spoto on guitar, is all their own. I especially liked Cuban Nights, Lost In a Dream and Urban Gypsy.”
Jeff Mahoney – Entertainment Reporter, The Hamilton Spectator
A Thousand Yesterdays — "If you find yourself hankering after some sophisticated urban World/Roots dance music or some Latin-beat cafe tunes, you will want to make a future date to hear The Acoustics “.
Linda Geary - Entertainment Reporter, The Brantford Expositor
"The Acoustics have a wonderful old European sounding vibe with sultry accordion and flourishes of Spanish guitar.
Mark McNeil - Entertainment Reporter, The Hamilton Spectator
"Evoking Prague cafes and cobbled streets with their old European sound. They put a twist on tradition with their new sophomore CD".
Rob Faulkner - Entertainment Reporter, The Hamilton Spectator
"Mix Gypsy with Klezmer, add spoonfuls of Latino and waltzes for flavouring, pinches of Tango and Greek for taste and you get an instrumental recording filled with a love for all types of music and the joy it brings. This album truly represents what this country is really all about"
Jim Marino - Host / Producer, Freewheeling Folk Show CFMU 93.3 FM Radio, Hamilton, ON.
I love the CD's and glad to have them.  I am over playing them.  I completely love A Thousand Yesterdays CD. The other, Salsa Dip (awesome), Chicaraca (awesome & my most favorite), Forever and a Day, of course Lost in a Dream, Hot and Humid, Urban Gypsy, Sweet Farewell. All on this CD are great as well. Your music on a whole is pretty much uplifting and upbeat and draws me in and makes me feel the soul of it. You all play so well together.
Margo G., Hamilton, ON
You are all such talented musicians, and the sound! That mixture of French, Spanish, Hungarian, central European, eastern European sounds are so intriguing. I just love it!!  I just hope I don’t wear out the CD’s.  I play them so much.
Mary Gundzik, Hamilton, ON
I love your music and I keep telling everyone about it. I missed the Valentine's Concert as I was working but I will be at the upcoming show for sure. I will definitely bring some friends with me. Looking forward to hearing you live!
Janet Long, Hamilton ON
We are so impressed not only with the music but with the professionalism of the artwork for the cover. It was fascinating to read how each of the pieces came to be written, some lovely gay tunes and others hauntingly sad.  When we listened to the piece called Il Giardino we could visualise a beautiful garden.
Jack & Brigit Ramsden, Durban, South Africa
Just wanted to take the time to say how much I enjoyed your show at the Freeway cafe tonight! You are an awesome bunch of folks and unbelievably talented. Anyway, keep up the great work folks, and I'll be singing your praises to anyone I come in contact with.
DeAnn Malyik, Hamilton, ON
Today, on CBC Radio Two, I heard your piece entitled "Tango 401." It is GREAT!!!!  Loved every second of it.
Mr. Kim Hill, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Thx for the note...enjoying the CD very much....You owe the CBC a note of gratitude for playing Il Giardino a couple of weeks ago. I know what I like, so I looked you guys up and ordered it.
David Stones, Toronto, ON
We were really impressed with the energy and musicianship of your group; it was a great concert!
Steve Coulson, Cable 14 Mobile Producer, Hamilton, ON
I just wanted to write and tell the band how much I enjoy your music and your art!  Your music is wonderful and everyone I have shared it with is in love with it!I can't wait for a new CD!
Marlies Sargent (Location Unknown)
I was very pleased to buy the CD.  It had gotten some air play on various CBC radio shows and I liked what I heard.  I compliment you on your accordion playing, composing and arranging.  The pieces are wonderfully sentimental and romantic. Keep playing.
Phillip Applebaum, Oak Park, Michigan
It's my second copy. My husband and I bought a copy after dancing to your music at that church in Burlington, and we love it. The second copy is for my mom in California. Will there be another CD soon?
Val Daigen, Kitchener, ON
Just picked up your CD "A Thousand Yesterdays" today. Had a hard time finding it but HMV came across. Just fabulous, you guys make great music. Have a great night at the Cafe Theatre. All the best for 2005 and feel free to let me know when your next release comes out. Love to see you guys perform live, how about the "Lighthouse Theatre" in Port Dover.
Brian. Simmons, Port Dover, ON
I have received your debut CD today, I might be the first person in The Netherlands to have a copy and I'm mighty proud. My cousin Maggie Ciere ordered it and sent it to me as a Xmas gift after I tipped her off earlier this year when I read about you guys in "the Zine". The album's fantastic, the vibe is excellent and it combines several types of old European music such as Klezmer, Rumanian, Hungarian and Chech gypsy-music but I also hear Sicilian traditional music in there as well. It brings the urge upon me to move around the house in a happy daze, thanks guys for creating that effect !! Let me know when you decide to tour around Europe so I can come and meet you and see you play! Happy Holidays to all of you and your loved ones.
Kind regards,
Robert F. Laarman, The Netherlands
Alfonso, we like the music. We became aware of it through the CBC (Here and Now show). Our son is a musician with a small garage band so we are happy to be able to support Canadian artists. And your music was very persuasive.
Dick Budel, Oshawa, ON
Your cd is so beautiful - I play it often so I can get your songs in my head - I play a 5 row Beltuna chromatic and I’m starting to transcribe my favorites on your cd so I can add them to my repertoire - a while back I heard a cd on CBC done by Trio Norte - I sent for it and was sadly disappointed - it was "mainstream" and boring with way too much violin - yours is a joy with lots of accordion and a real Italian feel to it - I hope you'll come out with another - thank you –
Shirley Jacobs, Eureka, Montana
I wanted to let you know that we got up and listened to the whole interview last weekend
(CBC – Fresh Air). Jeff Goodes is a great interviewer and you came across beautifully. 
Tango 401 still blows me away - I love it!
Cynthia Andrews, Ancaster, ON
Hello! I enjoyed your music on Fresh Air on April 24.  I would like to acquire your CD titled "A Thousand Yesterdays."  Unfortunately, I have been unable to connect with your web site for some reason but CBC gave me your email address.  Please let me know where I can obtain your CD.  I live in Sudbury. 
Oiva Saarinen, Sudbury, ON
First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to excerpts of your music on CBC, and would love to purchase some of your music - CD.  Please let me know how or where I can purchase it.  Your music is absolutely refreshing and uplifting.
Thank you.
Irena Cernius, London, ON
Spent  many wonderful years in Welland and the sounds of Italian and Hungarian music brought me back to that time.  Enjoyed your interview on the CBC and am buying your CD today ... Good Luck ... who knows, maybe one day you can come north to put on a concert  ... say in North Bay or Sudbury.Thanks again for making Canada such a wonderful place with your culture your music and your stories.
Wayne Lebelle, North Bay, ON


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Home/News     Welcome/Bios     Upcoming Shows     Recordings     Friends     Press Kit    Contact

Opportunity came knocking for us last week when we were invited
to record a new single at Grant Avenue Studios. Our friends Amy
and Bob Doidge are offering up training workshops to students
and pros alike and we were chosen to supply the live input. The
students were challenged with real time problems, Grant Avenue
expanded on their plans for needed upgrades to the facility and we
are soon to release a new single on iTunes, Soundcloud and
Reverbnation. Winwinwinwinwin!
Happy New Year to all. This year is already shaping up to be as
memorable and exciting as 2014. In a few short weeks a Valentines
Day concert at the Gasworks is being planned. This event will
be supporting the "An Instrument for Every Child" program, an
important community initiative which provides the ways and means
for musical training in our schools. But we believe it is more than
music and it's disciplines that are being taught. This program offers
an opportunity for a child to develop their creativite and leadership
abilities in a fun and challenging venue. After all, this is how we
got our start as musicians. In the schools, when we were young.
Come to think of it, I should look up my grade school music teacher
and thank her for a lifetime of memories. Ta!
With last weekend's Brantford Open Stage show still echoing in
our heads, we'd like to thank all of our fans who came out in
support. Tia McGraff was amazing and we are honoured to have
her and Tommy Parham as friends. Another collaborative show
should be in order, what do you think?

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes summer music festivals. This year we are thrilled to be at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre
Hot & Spicy Food Festival
. Perfect time of the year for some Salsa Dip
and Heartburn a-go-go. Save the date, August 16 at 5pm, for what no
doubt will be very hot and spicy indeed.
Snow more. Can't remember what green grass and garden flowers
look like anymore. The good news is there are only 28 days left 'til
spring. Have you ever heard of an online radio station called the
Barber Shop Podcast? It's run by Kevin Barber and he invites local
musicians to his studio for talk and live play, while streaming the
show to Youtube. Enzo, Bonnie and Al, were featured February 13
and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This man has the chops for broadcasting. Check out the Youtube Podcast of the show.
The Valentines Concert at the Artbar was a lot of fun and we must
thank Ron & Judith for the great new stage setup. Our six member
band often gets crammed onto tiny platforms or jammed into corners
(not complaining, just saying) but this new stage allows the proper
placement of our instruments and our sound guy Eric, who we
consider to be our seventh member, had breathing space. Kudos!
The upcoming March 28 show at the AGH Design Annex should
prove to be interesting. We love playing there. It has that grass
roots, organic vibe for which James Street North is becoming
famous. A great way to shake off the winter and get out and about.
During the HMAs we performed at the Baltimore House along
with Tia McGraff, also HMA nominees in the Alt/Country category.
Our styles meshed so well, there was no other alternative than to
collaborate on a show. That gig will take place May 2 at the
Brantford Open Stage. It is going to be such a terrific evening and
we'd love to see you there.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and will fall on Friday this
year. Time to plan a date night with your sweetie; perhaps dinner
and a movie. Or better still you could catch some live music at a local
venue and really make it special. theACOUSTICS are appearing at
The Artbar for an evening of romantic tunes, stage banter and fun.
Just the ticket to banish the winter doldrums and make some warm
memories. Details are at Upcoming Shows. Love to see you there!
We were blessed with many milestones this past year. With the
release of out third studio album Erie Long, we had the opportunity
to explore the more modern methods of marketing, which proved
an amazing venture. It is daunting as well as rewarding that our CD
has reached fans from all over the world and their comments have
demonstrated to us that we are appreciated. "Hammy" nominations
in several categories also was a highlight in November. We met
many new fans and have encountered wonderful new venues which
can be attributed directly from this event. We celebrated a wedding
in August when our violinist Bonnie wed Keith and we lost a true friend
and fan Myrna Shreve when she passed away recently. A beautiful
soul taken too soon. She will be missed. Here's to 2014 and the
possibilities that are to come. Happy New Year to you all!
The HMA nominations have been announced and we are honoured to
be amongst the best Hamilton has to offer. Erie Long is in the running
for Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year, which is a bit of a surprise,
but most certainly a great accomplishment. Thankyou to the nomination committee, who do an excellent job every year, yet do not receive the recognition they deserve. Look for us during the Hamilton Music Festival
as we will be performing at the Batimore House, Saturday, Nov.16.
Our recent concert on behalf of the Spec Kids Summer Camp Fund
was a whole lot of fun and an enormous success. Check out the the
video at All pictures
were taken by fans during the show and set to "You Go On" from Erie
Long. Huge hugs to all of our supporters who helped make this event a
winner. We love you all.
The calendar says summer is over but the summer-like weather in this
neck of the woods should help us in our efforts to raise money for the
2014 Spectator Summer Camp for kids. The Spec Kids Summer Camp Fund provides an opportunity for children at risk, to attend a fun-filled adventure camp for an entire week. On October 19 theACOUSTICS
will be hosting a benefit concert with all proceeds going to this crucial
fund. The Spectator has offered the auditorium for this event and now
it is up to our fans and the community as a whole to join us in our
efforts. For the price of a ticket, you will get an evening of cameraderie,
great music, a few laughs and a contribution to this worthy cause.
Can't go wrong with that!
For tickets contact:, the Spectator front
desk: 905-719-6396 or purchase at the door. CHCH TV will also be broadcasting us on the Morning Live Show this upcoming October 10.
Can't wait to hear from you.
A recent blog about our CD Release Concert Erie Long at the Design Annex has us pumped. Hamilton Musician wrote an eloquent review of the evening, touching on many of the tribulations of performing live and creative ways to overcome them. It is more in-depth than most and very much appreciated. We also were featured on the front cover of the View magazine newstand publication. An honour we were not expecting, as it kept us in the vibe for more than just the weekend. Thanks Ric Taylor. Hamilton Blues Lovers has written a review of Erie Long, that is bang-on to our initial concept for the project. Live streaming of all tunes on the Erie Long disc can be heard on Soundcloud, the future of online music listening. Summer days are upon us and there are a few listings posted for upcoming shows and events. Check them out at the jump. Last but not least is the upcoming wedding of our brilliant violinist Bonnie, who will be marrying her handsome Keith in August. Congratulations can be sent to them both via FB.
There is always a million things to do before a concert is launched, especially for independant bands that go it alone. Of course the explosion in social media has made all the difference in connecting and promoting. Twitter especially has led to a flurry of new avenues with which we can get the word out about our newest CD release Erie Long. Independant online radio station Euphonious will be broadcasting an interview and featuring our music for the entire week. Ric Taylor from View will publish an interview Thursday in the online mag and broadcast a live interview on his CMFU Radio program Friday evening (5:30 pm). Earlier this month there was a great post on Hamilton Musician, a blog that promotes local music, a subject that is near and dear to our hearts. However, we are still sticking with the old school of promtion. The CD Release Concert Poster has been papering downtown windows for weeks and CBC radio continues their support, including music from all of our disks in their playlists. The Hamilton Spectator will have a bit about the concert and we will still rely on word of mouth. We can get louder but this is more our style. See you at the AGH Design Annex.
Sometimes, it's quite a stretch to find venues in which to perform our unique music. Violins and accordions, standup bass and full kit drums, acoustic guitars and now with the singer-songwriter vibe, the ACOUSTICS just do not fit into the standard mold. However, we have discovered the AGH Design Annex in Hamilton. It's a vibrant, beautifully renovated, multi use space, affiliated with the Art Gallery of Hamilton with retail, exhibition, venue rental and best of all an intimate, enclosed space for live performance. The building itself has a great history with the local music scene. Legendary "Sam The Record Man" was housed here for decades and with the death of Sam Sniderman last year, and the subsequent demolition of the Yonge Street location, his legend lives on here in the Hammer. It is entirely appropriate then, that our Erie Long CD Release Concert will be within these walls. He championed bands like us.
This may be a cliche and all, but without our fans we nothing! A huge thank you to those that braved the weather and ventured out to the Erie Long CD Release Concert last night. We always have a great time at the Station and this one did not disappoint. If there are photos or video of the show, it would be appreciated greatly if copies are sent. Contact info is below on the jump. Thanks also to Mike Tutt at the Station for hosting the show, Eric Bower for his awesome work on sound, Pat Lattanzio for lighting and Jeff Sauble for the great job behind the bar. Erie Long is our third studio recording and the strong response that we are receiving from sales and online downloads is encouraging. A Hamilton launch is in the works (a Spring Fling) and future shows being planned. Stay tuned.
It's so frustrating! A date had been established for the Erie Long CD Release Concert, posters were printed and distributed, several local newspapers featured the band (notably The Brantford Expositor and The Brant News) tickets sales and reservations are hot and BAM! Mother Nature sends the worst snow storm in five years. The concert had to be postponed and fans notified of the change. Never mind though, the rescheduled concert will still take place on February 22 at the Station Coffee House and Gallery in Brantford. It promises to be a great show and is much anticipated, so shake off the cabin fever and come out and show your support. theACOUSTICS "Erie Long" CD Release Concert. The Acoustics song “Let’s Dance The Night Way”, has been entered on CBC Searchlight The Hunt for Canada’s Best new Artist. Check it out, find our song and vote once a day in this poll. Thank you for your support.
With the holidays over and January blahs setting in, it usually takes a special occasion to motivate the creative spirits. Luckily this New Year hails the long awaited release of our third studio album, Erie Long. It may have taken what seemed to be an eternity to some of our fans, but like fine wine, it takes time. The CD is available for purchase online at iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon. Dr. Disc, a long time music store in downtown Hamilton will also carry copies of the disk for those who prefer an old school shopping experience. A CD Release Concert is being planned so stay tuned. Begin the guerilla marketing! Check out this link on CHCH TV, where some of the band members performed the single "Christmas Every Day". The final tally for this charitable endeavour is still to be established, but if the number of viewers who watched this video are an indication, it will be a great success.
We are happy and thrilled to announce the release of our first online single
"Christmas Every Day" to the CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon online stores.This recording was originally composed for the Design Hope compilation CD project of 2011, but with circumstances beyond anyone's control, the disk was never completed. With the blessings of the Design Hope directors, all proceeds from the downloads of the song will go to the Hamilton Design Hope "Out of the Cold" campaign of 2013. Please help us support this worthy cause with your purchase. People who live on the streets or are marginalized by circumstance, will find a warm place to sleep and hot food to eat at supported shelters throughout the city. You can find it here at iTunes, or here CD Baby, or here Amazon. Drop us a line and let us know if you like it. Thank you everyone!
Not sure whether the thriving music scene in downtown Hamilton has generated new businesses to open, or if new venues for live music has generated this vibe. Whatever it is it is quite wonderful to be participating. Spherical Music will be the host of our upcoming appearance at The Homegrown, Thurs. October 25. Check out their site and their awesome menu (vegetarian specialties, woohoo!)

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