Erie Long  – 2013 CD Album Release


  1. Let’s Talk
  2. Erie Long
  3. Midnight Rain
  4. Let’s Dance the Night Away
  5. Heartburn-a-go-go
  6. Sweet Loving Lady
  7. Sea Birds
  8. Haven’t Forgotten
  9. Down and Dirty
  10. I’m a Man
  11. Harbinger
  12. You Go On
  13. Shadow Lands
  14. Through to the End
“Erie Long”, was nominated for Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year at the 2013 Hamilton Music Awards.

Forever and a Day – 2007 CD Album Release


  1. Salsa Dip
  2. Forever and a Day
  3. Chicaraca
  4. A Smile in the Sky
  5. Baby Teeth
  6. Cuban Nights
  7. Lost In a Dream
  8. Bottom Line
  9. Hot and Humid
  10. The Red Music Box
  11. Urban Gypsy
  12. Sweet Farewell

“Forever and a Day” was named Folk/Traditional recording of the year at the 2008 Hamilton Music Awards.  “Forever and a Day” went on to come in second place for World Album of the year at the 2009 JPF Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.  Subsequently, the album was nominated for two 2009 Hamilton Music Awards: Folk/Traditional Recording of the year and Instrumental Recording of the year. 

A Thousand Yesterdays – 2003 CD Album Release


  1. Il Fiasco
  2. Il Giardino
  3. Em Latino Tune
  4. A Thousand Yesrterdays
  5. Café Dolce
  6. Club Bunga
  7. Tango 401
  8. Tanya’s Farwell
  9. Tronado
  10. Una Notte Con Te
  11. The Chase
  12. Birds in my Mailbox
  13. Esperando

The Acoustics were first recognized for their musical achievements in 2004, when their CDA Thousand Yesterdays” was the winner of the Hamilton Music Award for Best Instrumental Recording of the Year.